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I am a Woman

I am a woman.

Standing tall,

walking with grace. My footsteps leave

marks of passion

and rails of

Peace in every pace. I am a woman. My mind is a masterpiece.

Filled with dreams, hope,

and vision anything

is possible;

because I am she,

A Woman.

I am a woman. Strong and steady,

fighting all odds

only because God

is with me.

I am a woman. Created to love

and nurture.

My womb is a gift

from the ultimate Creator. To give precious life

to spread the love

of God, because that’s

why he created me.

I am a woman. Made of all forms

of brown. Pretty

specks if melanin

in my skin. Born to

win. Black and beautiful

with great beginnings and

limitless endings.

Forever in a day. A woman. God wasn’t planing

when he made Me.

I am a Woman.

Channy Natural

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